Pastor's Letter

PASTOR’S MESSAGE - November 2019


One of my recent streaming series “addictions” is the show “Jack Ryan” on Amazon Prime. It’s an action series based on the novels of Tom Clancy. While watching it last night I had a realization. Even though it’s a politically involved international spy plot, it’s a joy to watch because it’s totally devoid of the current international and political drama we’re going through. It’s a great escape. It’s weird how we can watch such shows that are so dramatic, even violent, and feel refreshed after they’re over. You would think it would remind us of our problems instead.

We need escapes, probably more often than we take them. The world is messy and acrimonious. Our current discourse is so split nationally. My suspicion is that regardless of your particular positions/opinions on current events, you too long for a time of reasoned discourse and polite consideration of others viewpoints. There really doesn’t seem to be a place to turn.

There is of course a place of unity, peace, and good reason. That’s in the company of God. Our faith allows us to turn to the Divine in prayer and in worship. Within our prayer and worship are the narratives of this world: the stories of the Bible. There’s certainly an amazing amount of drama there, even violence. The Bible is SO human – in a way like a good action series. But active in those stories is also the main character: The God that bends down and gets involved in our messed-up stories and offers himself in order to set it all right. When we focus on these stories, it is at the same time a source of peace and solace that in the end all will indeed be well. While at the same time, resting us, re-creating us, in order that we might go back into our messy, torn apart world, and fight for justice, peace and truth.

"I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world!” John 16:33 NRSV

Pr Ed Barnett


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