Pastor’s Message - September 2023

It is time.

Time to get back to the fall routine, for parents to get their kids ready for school. Back to school shopping. Finding the right pair of shoes, the right pair of pants, and the right color shirt. Maybe it is finding the right backpack to fit all their homework in.

From kindergarten and even through college, we are told that we should always have a pencil with us, yet for some reason, it is always the first thing most kids forget in their locker or claim they don’t have. A simple pencil.

Now it is time for your coverage pastor to say welcome home. For those who travelled and those who just took is at easy at home for the summer, welcome home to your church family. We are welcoming all people to join us this fall for a season of reunion and renewal in your spiritual life and in our shared mission for Christ. Masking is still optional. Communion is still available. And there are still services where there is room to spread out. So come and receive the food of grace! Come and enjoy the community of God’s people.

It is time to give people a reason to invite others to join us in our sanctuary on Sundays. It is time for us to show how welcoming we are, how united we are and how friendly we are to all who join us.

It is time to show our faith and let faith and the Giver of faith control our lives. Because God has answers to all our questions. Because Jesus has the words of eternal life. Because the Holy Spirit empowers us for abundant living.

God bless you this fall as we celebrate our life together so that more and more people in the communities we serve will hear the voice of God through you, saying to them, “Welcome Home.

The Lord be with you +

In Christ,

Pastor Perucy Butiku

Coverage Pastor

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  September 2023  
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