Pastor's Message - March 2023

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we need the promise of Spring’s renewal, refreshment, and rebirth. Life is full of different seasons, some joyful and warm, some cold and filled with sorrow. We walk through dark valleys, but then we emerge into the green pastures.

We are now in the middle of Lent, the church season characterized by sorrow, humility and waiting as we approach Holy Week and Easter. Lent invites us to examine our brokenness and spiritual hunger. It prepares us for Easter by reminding us that we need the Savior, that we are lost without God’s grace. We cannot save ourselves or fix all our problems. We are dust and ashes, lost and blind without God’s mercy. The Sorrow and humility of Lent are good for our hearts as they chip away at our pride.

We are not invincible. We do not know it all. We cannot fix every problem. Hopefully, we are repenting of our pride and foolish self-reliance.

And now, Spring is coming again. Easter is just around the corner. Hope and healing are on the way. We should rejoice as morning dawns over our Church, our families, our community, and all of God’s world. This Easter, many of us will be able to gather safely for worship.

Just as Lent’s call to humility is good for our hearts, clinging to the hope of better days can bring healing. We can let go of some of our anxious thoughts. We can look ahead with joyful anticipation. That is the promise of Spring, and even more, the promise of resurrection. God has good things in store that will renew our rejoicing.

As we kindle this hope, we also remember that life in this world will have troubles and sorrows. There will be other global crises and personal tragedies. On this side of heaven, we will walk through more dark valleys, but God will walk with us in those hard moments just as He has walked with us through the pandemic. His promises do not change with the seasons. His love lasts through the dark nights. Rejoicing will come again in the morning.

Please continue to pray for one another and reach out with words of encouragement and love of God.

In Christ,

Pastor Perucy Butiku - Coverage Pastor

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