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December 2021



When you drive in our Communities this time of the year, you see lights of all colors. There is glitter of the artificial light of earthly pleasures that will disappear after the beginning of the year.

It makes sense for us to mark the birth of Christ at this time as the days start to grow longer, marking the beginning of salvation, the light of God’s grace over the darkness of humanity’s sin.

During Advent, we heard Isaiah say that the “people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in in the land of gloom a light has shone” (Isaiah 9:1)

This “great light” in none other than the Christ child. And in one of the Christmas Gospels, the passage from Saint Luke, shepherds are the first people to hear about this birth. They are told by an angel that this newborn child is the long-waited savior who is the Messiah and Lord. It is fascinating that this good news is revealed first to shepherds and not to kings, princes and royal officials.

Perhaps this is because the shepherds knew better than the powerful, rich and famous people that they needed a savior. For them, the Messiah was truly “long-awaited,” while the high and mighty may never have realized their need for any kind of salvation.

This Christmas, I invite you to enter in a deeper relationship with Jesus as your Savior. No one should be complacent and think that his/her relationship with Jesus is adequate. Could we ever possibly say that our love for Jesus is perfect and does not need to be deepened? Of course not! So, whatever your relationship with Jesus, our celebration of Christmas is an opportunity to grow more deeply in the love that Jesus shares with you.

This Christmas let’s look around to see the light of God’s love reflected in the eyes of all those who share our faith. Encouraged by the example of so many “Stars,” may we remember that our life is also a shining star for people around us. May they see the example of our faith, hope and love so that the light of God’s love may increase to become “a joy to be shared by the whole people.”

Have a blessed and safe Christmas.

Rev. Perucy N. Butiku

Coverage Pastor


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