Pastor’s Message - February 2024

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ –

One almost must question if it is even winter. After the cold blast at the beginning of January in other parts of the country it seems like we are having a light winter. Will we have a longer winter? When will it snow? Will we have snow on Easter?

Oh yes, I said Easter. And believe it or not, it is coming - but first, we must focus on Lent. For the past few years, we have been coming together on Wednesday night to focus on preparation because that is what Lent is about - preparing. We take the time and walk through the wilderness with Jesus.

When I think of wilderness, I think of peaceful trees. Wind blowing the leaves. Not just that, I think about what we leave behind when we enter the wilderness. So, this Lenten season, what worldly thing do you plan on leaving behind? What are you going to do to avoid the worldly distractions?

When Jesus went into the wilderness, it was not just about defeating evil - it was about connecting with God and understanding God’s will. This Lent, I hope the same happens to us. The good news is this: You do not really go physically into the ‘wilderness’ for forty days. But if you want to, go for it! It is not that cold.

With all that being said, we will begin the Lenten Season on February 14th. Also , since Ash Wednesday is also Valentine Day, bring your sweetheart to worship.

As I end, let’s focus this Lent on allowing God’s will into our lives. Let’s also focus on how we are growing in our faith. There will be moments when we are challenged, but remember to put your faith in Jesus Christ.

Happy Lenten Season.

Pastor Perucy N. Butiku

Coverage Pastor

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